Looking for a naughty and exciting product ? You are passionate, romantic or downright sexual ?
The sex shop 50 SHADES OF SEXXX welcomes you at 2950, chemin de Chambly in Longueuil every day of the week.
Check out our wide range of sexy lingerie, our massage oils, personal lubricants, women stimulators and our extensive selection of accessories for men.
Together with our consultants, you will be at ease to discover a whole world of sensuality and eroticism. You will enjoy our warm and courteous welcome, in complete confidentiality and discretion.
Discover, touch, feel, let your fantasies be your guide! 50 SHADES OF SEXXX takes care of your pleasure !
To know more about us, come visit or call us at 450-651-8675

Our Mission

To make sure that our customers receive all the information in order to obtain safely a maximum of enjoyment. In addition, provide tips that allow them to discover all the facets of our products.

What sets us apart

Young beautiful doctor with a stethoscope in the officeOur smiling welcome, a careful attention to your wishes and a personalized service will demonstrate that you are making the right choice by visiting the sex shop 50 SHADES OF SEXXX.

Our employees are trained by certified sexologists. We stand out by our commitment to hire the best people in our field. Our customers receive information on the morphology of the human body and its erogenous zones. They go back with knowledge that could change their lives. Some healthcare professionals recommend our SHOP to their patients.

Each of our products is presented to the customer with additional information so that they can discover their full potential.


You wish to get an erotic board game. Why not ? In order to maximize your enjoyment, we provide you with little tips that will let you surprise your partner and spend an exciting evening

    Buy some champagne or sparkling wine for that special evening, this will lighten the mood.

    Get some new lingerie for her and a sexy boxer for him. Novelty increases the excitement!

    Choose a comfortable room, turn up the heat, turn down the lights.

    Increase even more the excitement by using aphrodisiacs, 100% natural.

The set-up is complete. You’ll have a wonderful evening !
This is how we give tips and advice about all of our products. Feel comfortable to ask questions to our consultants, they are there to help you !
50 SHADES OF SEXXX is there for your pleasure !



You would like to set up a presentation of erotic products at home? An evening that promises to be both fun and interesting! Invite your girl gang, a group of friends or just couples, whatever, there will be something for everyone. 50 SHADES OF SEXXX is there for your pleasure!

Consultants on-site

All of our consultants are trained by certified sexologists. They know the human body and its erogenous zones, as well as the details about all of our products. They are discreet and this evening will remain absolutely confidential. They will introduce you to our products and to ways of getting a maximum of pleasure from them.

Sale of products on-site

Our consultants bring a diversified range of products, and they can adjust their selection according to the type of people invited (women, men, couples). Your purchases will be delivered on-site and you will get the same guarantees as if you were buying in-store.





We offer gifts to all the people purchasing products on-site, and these vary according to the amount of their order. The hostess of the evening will be spoiled, of course! We thank her with a gift certificate equivalent to 10% of the total sales of the evening. She can use it that same evening on-site, or later in our shop. She also gets a 60$ gift certificate if two guests are willing to set up a demonstration.

Questions? Answers!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to give you all the information to make of this evening a real pleasure.

Here are the answers to some questions that we are frequently asked:

* No, we do not charge any fees to make a home presentation of our products.

* We require a minimum of 15 guests. They can drink alcohol, with moderation.

* We prefer to make the presentation in the lounge or in the dining room, and to use another room, a closed one, to make the sales discreetly.

* The purchases, the guest’s names and the course of the evening will be kept absolutely confidential.* The presentation usually lasts about 2 hours.

* We accept all forms of payment, ( Visa – Mastercard – Cash )

You are ready to schedule your evening? 50 SHADES OF SEXXX is waiting for your call.






The sex shop 50 SHADES OF SEXXX offers you to organize an evening that will meet your tastes. Exciting, captivating, enchanting, bewitching, MAGIC! Choose a theme, we will do the rest!

These evenings are usually held on Saturday night, after closing the shop. You can book exclusively for your group of guests.

Our consultants will present our products as for a home presentation, but in this case our complete inventory will be available. The rest of the evening will depend on the theme you choose.

We are open to your suggestions and requests. Keep in mind that everything remains absolutely confidential. 50 SHADES OF SEXXX takes care of your pleasure!






Nouveauté de la semaine Womanizer 2GO

Plus petit, plus discret, mais tout aussi performant que ses grands frères, voici le tout nouveau stimulateur clitoridien Womanizer 2GO ! Avec son look de rouge à lèvres, il passera totalement inaperçu et vous pourrez l'emporter partout, afin de l'avoir toujours sous la main…

Achat : 50shadesofsexxx.com/fr/product/womanizer-2go-clitoral-stimulator-in-watermelon/
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Un ajout simple et stimulant au sexe oral

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50 nuances de sexxx
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Longueuil 450-651-8675

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Aujourd'hui , nous vous offrons 20% rabais sur tous nos articles en boutique. Spécial St-Jean Baptise ! Offrez-vous une petite gâterie comme vous le désirez. Nous vous souhaitons une joyeuse fêtes à tous de la part de La Boutique 50 nuances de sexxx.


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